Children’s riding courses during the school holidays, primarily at Easter and during the summer holidays

Children’s Riding Courses

The courses run from 2-5days and include a programme of activities. The 5 day course ends with the competition day on the 5th day. These courses have proved to be a great success.

Each course has a maximum of 6 spaces and will typically run from Monday to Friday.

Our 5 day course, which is ideal for children who would like to become more involved and confident with horses and ponies, will include riding, handling and general care. It is also a chance for the riders to work on particular skills such as jumping and riding independently.

Riding Courses for Adults

We have been offering the adult riding course over the last couple of years and, like the children’s course, we have found it to be very popular. The theme is essentially the same, with a chance for participants to improve aspects of their riding and also work on their general horse handling. We run the course at the end of the summer holidays, typically over the bank holiday weekend.

Each course has a maximum of 4 spaces and will typically run from Friday to Monday over the weekend.