Balthazar – 15hh, Knabstrapper X Arab

With his gorgeous markings, Balthazar is one of the most striking ponies on the farm and attracts attention wherever he goes. Thankfully his temperament is a delightful as his looks making him the perfect all round for all levels of riders. He loves his work, whether schooling, jumping, cantering in the fields or hacking round the lanes and he has one of the biggest fan clubs on the farm!

Bill – 16.1hh, TB

Bill is the perfect introduction to riding thoroughbreds as he has beautiful balanced paces without ever being spooky or sharp. We love to see riders’ faces light up when they first experience his effortless flowing canter. He also loves to jump and has helped many riders achieve their 1m ambition

Blossom – 16.2hh, ID x TB

Blossom is a lovely straightforward mare who is popular with all levels of rider. She is a real homebody who doesn’t enjoy hacking, preferring to remain in the arena or the paddocks. She is easy off the leg and gentle in the hand making her a real confidence giver for novices and adults returning to ride.

Dippy – 13hh, Welsh b

Dippy came to us unbacked from World Horse Welfare. He was an anxious pony to start but he has really thrived in the busy, routine-based life of riding school. He is now one of the most popular ponies and is perfect for all levels of rider whether it is first canters, first jumps or even first gallop through the fields.


Elvis – 16.2hh, TB

Poor Elvis came to us with a myriad of issues including kissing spine and ulcers. These have been treated and he now enjoys hacking out. He still has some negative associations with arena work which we are working on slowly with our grooms and most experienced riders. Watch this space as we have high hopes for him in the future

Harry – 15.2hh, Welsh Cob X

Harry is the perfect schoolmaster. He is willing and straightforward and enjoys all aspects of ridden work. He has a super jump and particularly comes alive in the cross-country field where he has given many riders their first taste of clearing those bigger fences! With his gentle expression and willing nature he is universally adored across the riding school.

Jess – 13.2hh New Forest X

Jess came unbacked from World Horse Welfare and is a typical chestnut mare. She is a steady ride who mostly saves her energy; however she can get excited when she realises it is her turn for a canter! She has an athletic jump and, with the right rider, can really fly over the bigger fences. She loves hacking through the fields and is perfect for riders going for their first field canter.

Jilly – 13.2hh, Norwegian Fjord

Jilly loves attention, loves work and loves people. She approaches life with her ears pricked, always ready for the next adventure. She has a surprisingly athletic jump and adores cross-country, but she is equally at home taking part in lead rein lessons or hacking out through the fields. Everyone who meets her loves her; her enthusiasm for life makes her a really fun pony to ride.

Kingswear – 13.2hh, Welsh

Kingswear is our glorious golden oldie. Many riders coming to the farm for the first time are stunned to discover their mum or dad also learnt to ride on Kingswear when they were young! He prefers a quiet life these days doing most lead rein lessons or riders just learning to canter. However he can still get excited in the cross country field – there is plenty of life left in him yet!

Lylia Rose – 13hh, Cremello welsh

With her pearly coat and blue eyes, Lylia is beautiful to look at, and boy does she know it! She carries herself like the princess she is, flicking out her toes and pricking her ears… She is well schooled and is excellent for teaching riders how to create an outline. She also has a super smooth, steady canter which our younger riders love.

Margot – 17hh, Shire X

Margot is a gentle giant but don’t be fooled by her size. She loves to work and is surprisingly athletic. Margot enjoys jumping, schooling and hacking and can be ridden by all levels of rider. She is particularly good with riders who have additional needs as she does not mind any unexpected movement or noise.

Merlin – 14hh, Haflinger

In his youth, Merlin was a whizzy jumping pony who loved to gallop. Now he is older, he is perfect for younger riders wanting to learn the ropes. He has a beautiful rhythmic canter and a reliable, steady jump but don’t be fooled by his calm nature…. He can still occasionally turn on ‘competition mode’ if its required and he loves a jump off!

Misty – 14.2hh Welsh x Arab

Misty is a ‘pink’ pony and she has all the sass to go with the title. She is nicely schooled and works in a beautiful outline, she also loves looking after little riders and is fantastic for first canters. She can sometimes get excited in the arena with more experienced jockeys, but this is all in fun and she loves her work both schooling and jumping.

Molly – 13.2hh Welsh C

Molly is a quintessential pony club schoolmistress. She is forward going and loves to jump, she is totally honest and will help her riders out every time. She is the perfect ‘next step’ for riders wanting a little more speed than Dippy or Tango but still too small to ride the bigger horses. She can be strong so is not suitable for novices but, once ready for her, riders adore her enthusiasm.

Moomin – 14.2hh, Cob

Moomin is a whizzy second pony who loves to jump. She is incredibly popular with our teen riders; she does everything with energy and enthusiasm, and she always has a queue of eager girls begging to ride her. Moomin has an awesome jump – she is one of the few ponies who have cleared the 1.30m red blocks!

Star – 13.2hh, cob X

Star came from World Horse Welfare and was backed mid-2022. He is obviously still green but he is proving very popular with our more experienced riders as he has a beautiful balanced canter and a super, enthusiastic jump. As a young pony, Star can occasionally have his own ideas about steering (!) but he is never nasty and we all enjoy watching him develop and progress.

Stormy – 16.2hh, TB

Stormy is the newest addition to our thoroughbred team and like his buddies has the same effortless, rhythmic canter which riders adore. Although he is still a little green, he always tries his hardest and is quiet enough for even a fairly novice rider to enjoy. He loves to hack, and we are gradually teaching him to jump as well.

Tango – 13.2hh, Welsh b

Tango is a typical pony club schoolmaster. He is straightforward to ride and willing to do whatever he is asked, provided his rider is clear with their instructions. He particularly loves to jump and can often be seen, ears pricked, in the cross-country field.  He also enjoys going out and about to fun rides and local competitions.

Mr T – 16.2hh TBxID

Mr T is Chris’ hunter. He is semi-retired now but still loves to go out on a gentle hack and even enjoys the occasional canter through the fields.

Tonto – 15.2hh, Cob

Tonto is a steady ride who is particularly suitable for novice and nervous riders. He can be a little stubborn to get going but once he is in the zone he loves to jump and his solid size make him feel very safe and secure. He enjoys hacking at his own pace and is ideal for riders who have not ridden before.

Xsara – 15hh, Welsh X Arab

Xsara is the perfect horse for nervous riders, riders coming back after a break and riders trying their first canter. She is responsive without being sharp and she listens to the instructor as well as the rider meaning even if you make a mistake, she will get it right for you. Xsara really is one in a million!

Working Liveries

Carrie – 15hh, Connemara

Carrie is whizzy, busy and full of life. She loves to jump, canter and hack out. Although not suitable for a novice, she is 100% honest and reliable and enjoyed by many of our more experienced teens and adults. She is always perfectly behaved and provided you like speed as much as she does, we guarantee you will leave smiling after riding her.

Cleo – 12.2hh, Welsh

Cleo is a super pony who is equally at home jumping round the fields or schooling in the arena. She likes a balanced rider so is not ideal for those just off the lead rein, but more experienced children love her speedy canter and willing jump.

Fantasy – 12hh, Dartmoor

Fantasy in an ex-pony club pony who has been there, done that, got the t-shirt in previous homes and is now ready to slow down and teach the next generation of riders the basics. She is perfect for Lead rein, first canters and those learning to jump. Most of our smaller riders will have ridden Fantasy at some point.

Puzzle – 13hh, Welsh pony

Puzzle is a super first ridden pony for all our smaller riders. He is steady without being lazy and is soft in the hand making him easy to steer and control. He enjoys his work in the school and is equally at home in the show jump paddock.